How to Order

Global process

1 - Discover the details of our offers and prepare your order
The E-Commerce system integrated into the website allows you to select the scanning services you want, according to the unit prices you can find the list on page PRICING. It also contains additional information about our offers.

You will find the rates of:

  • raw scanning services
  • post-processing options
  • packaged offers

and information about:

  • the deadline for completion of our services
  • the supply of deliverable files
  • temporary backup of deliverable files
  • the delivery of the package containing your documents, both outward and return
  • payment terms
  • VAT applicable to European exchanges

Once you have read the information on this page, you can prepare your selection of services by opening the page SHOP which centralizes the main system controls in the form of a mini dashboard.

This one includes the 2 control buttons which make it possible to prepare and to engage an order:

  • Offer

    Main page of the online shop presenting the list of scanning services. You'll find access to Packaged Offers and Raw Scanning offers. When you select a particular Raw Scanning offer, you access its pre-order form from which you can adjust its settings, include the Post-Processing option, and enter the desired quantity.
  • Checkout

    After checking the contents of your cart, this control button allows you to access the order engagement process.

This dashboard also allows you to view different states for an order in progress as well as the history of the orders placed thanks to the following buttons:

  • Cart

    This page shows the status of the e-cart for the order being prepared. You can simulate a pre-order and remove unwanted order items as needed. Note that it is not possible to correct the quantity of an order item from this page. In this case, the easiest way is to simply remove the item and then enter it again, with the right amount. Also note that if the e-cart is empty, the list of services of the shop is automatically displayed.
  • Addresses

    This page displays and allows you to edit your billing and delivery addresses (if different), if you have previously entered them and if you are connected to the system. If you are not logged in yet, the form to login or register as a new user is automatically displayed. Note that you must have a user account to place an order for our services.
  • Orders

    If you are connected to the system, this page displays the list of your already completed and validated orders (order history).
  • Invoices

    If you are connected to the system, this page displays the list of invoices corresponding to your orders already made. Invoices are downloadable.
  • Information

    These are messages, notifications or news related to the integrated online sales system.

2 - Commitment of your order online
To take the order, you must click on the Checkout button in the dashboard of the page SHOP. You then enter the traditional online order commitment process consisting of 5 steps:

  1. Login
  2. Addresses
  3. Shipping
  4. review and Payment
  5. Completed

3 - Preparing the parcel containing your photographic films
Place in your parcel only the strips of photographic film and or the slides intended for scanning. The set must exactly match the order you enter. No sorting will be done. Avoid absolutely any direct handling of the film, at the risk of leaving traces that would become clearly visible after scanning. Make sure your photographic film strips have their envelopes or flexible blister cells, or that they are protected by a soft plastic film on each side. Gather all well packaged film and place them flat and sandwiched between two rigid plates to protect them against the risk of bending that may occur during transport. Place the 24x36 mounted slides in their storage box. Tape each box to prevent it from opening unexpectedly. We also advise you to wrap the set with a cellophane film for better protection against moisture. Finally, place the assembly thus conditioned in your parcel, making sure to fill the empty spaces.

4 - Send us your parcel
During the online order engagement process, at the "Shipping" stage, you will be asked to choose who will be the buyer of the shipping services for the "outbound" shipment as well as for the "return" of the shipment. You will then need to select one of the following three formulas:

  • Control by the sender
  • Full Control by the Client
  • Full Control by LABFORSCAN

You can see the description of these formulas in the paragraph Shipping of the parcel(s) containing the films of the PRICING page.

In this paragraph you will also find the list of countries served.

5 - Waiting for the completion of our service
Orders for small volumes will be processed within a period of typically 1-4 weeks. For large volumes and more generally for more details about the duration of our services, we invite you to consult the paragraph Completion time of the PRICING page.

6 - Return of your parcel and deliverable files
If the deliverable files are stored on a physical memory device, USB key or hard drive, it will be included in the parcel that will be sent back to you, which will also contain your photographic film archive.

7 - Verification
In order to give you the time to check the integrity of the scanned image files that have been delivered to you, we temporarily save a copy on our premises or on a secure remote hosting. This backup will be systematically erased 4 weeks after the date of delivery of the parcel in return. You have this time to check your files.

Details about the online order checkout process

  1. Login
    Presentation of the login form to connect. If your Client / User account does not exist yet, the creation form will also be presented to you.
  2. Addresses
    Editing your billing address and the one that will be used for delivery if different.
  3. Shipping
    Selection of delivery formula for the parcel containing your photographic films. A reminder of the formulas proposed for the "outward" transport, as for the "return" transport, is mentioned. You can also consult the detailed explanations on this subject in the page PRICING
  4. Review and Payment
    At this point, you will be able to check the detailed content of your shopping cart, which then constitutes the order form. You will be able to check the quantities for each order line and correct them if necessary without having to resume the whole process of placing an order. You will also be able to remove any unwanted order lines. Once the verification done, you will be able to commit your order if you have confirmed the reading and approval of the Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use, which you indicate by checking the box marked.
    Two payment methods will be offered:
    • immediate payment by credit card, for an order amount not exceeding 1500 €
    • deferred payment by bank transfer
    Details about the payment terms can be found on the page PRICING
  5. Completed
    Once payment is made, the Customer receives an electronic notification of the confirmation of the actual payment. At this point, the order engagement process is complete.