Pricing and orders details for On-Line sales

Raw Scanning

Image Scanning Service SpecificationsUnit Price (€) excluding VAT
depending on the quantity of images to be scanned
Film and Image
SM24X36FS.8K0 135 - 24x36mm 8000 86 film 1.98 1.82 1.68 1.54 1.42
SM24X36FS.5K0 135 - 24x36mm 5000 34 film 1.32 1.22 1.12 1.03 0.95
SM24X58-66FS.8K0 135 - 24x58mm, 24x66mm 8000 157 film 3.28 3.02 2.77 2.55 2.35
SM24X58-66FS.5K0 135 - 24x58mm, 24x66mm 5000 61 film 2.19 2.01 1.85 1.70 1.57
SM24X36SL.5K0 135 - 24x36mm 5000 34 slide 1.10 1.01 0.93 0.86 0.79
SM60X45FS.4K4 120/220 - 60x45mm 4400 81 film 1.93 1.77 1.63 1.50 1.38
SM60X45FS.3K2 120/220 - 60x45mm 3200 43 film 1.56 1.44 1.32 1.22 1.12
SM60X60-70FS.3K2 120/220 - 60x60mm, 60x70mm 3200 67 film 1.56 1.44 1.32 1.22 1.12
SM60X80-90FS.3K2 120/220 - 60x80mm, 60x90mm 3200 86 film 1.93 1.77 1.63 1.50 1.38
SM60X120FS.3K2 120/220 - 60x120mm 3200 114 film 2.57 2.36 2.17 2.00 1.84
SM60X170FS.3K2 120/220 - 60x170mm 3200 162 film 3.21 2.95 2.72 2.50 2.30
SM90X120FS.2K2 90x120mm 2200 79 film 1.93 1.77 1.63 1.50 1.38
SI4X5-6FS.2K0 4x5in, 4x6in 2000 96 film 1.93 1.77 1.63 1.50 1.38

Notes about this table

The abbreviated term "Res." refers to the resolution on the film. The column entitled "Def." indicates the theoretical definition of the useful region of the image (Region-Of-Interest), that is to say with a crop which is supposed to be ideal. It is expressed in mega-pixels. The column headed "Cond." specifies the conditioning of the filmstrips. The "film" indication is used to denote a pre-cut rough film strip which may contain 1 or more views, whereas the "slide" indication refers to a frame mounted slide.
A "Unit Price" is the price for scanning a single photo. It depends on the film and image formats, the required resolution and of course the total quantity in this service type.

These prices are valid for all types of emulsion

  • Colour or Black and White
  • Reversal or Negative film

Restrictions on film conditioning

  • The filmstrips and or slides sent to us for scanning must exactly match the order, both in film types and in the number of images to be scanned. In other words, all the photographic snapshots sent to us are supposed to be the subject of this scanning service, no sorting will be done.
  • The slides in 135 format (24x36mm) must be mounted under 50x50mm frame, the thickness must not exceed 3mm and the film must not be protected by glass plates.
  • Slides in 120 format are not supported.

Restriction on quantity

  • The minimum order quantity per scanning service type (by commercial reference) is 50 units.

Format of deliverable files

At the end of the raw scanning service, each image is encoded and delivered as a file whose choice of format is selectable when ordering online. The complete commercial references of the raw scanning services include a suffix that identifies the format of this deliverable file, either "R3F" for Hasselblad raw-3f or "RTF" for TIFF. In order not to weigh down the previous table, these suffixes are not mentioned.

Post-Processing Option

Post-Processing typeUnit Price VAT excl.
OPP.NO No post-processing no cost added
OPP.COL Post-Processing for Colour emulsion +1.20 €
OPP.BW Post-Processing for Black & White emulsion +0.60 €

Format of deliverable files

At the end of an optional post-processing service, each image concerned is encoded and delivered as a separate TIFF file, which is therefore added to the file containing the "raw scan" image. The definition of the post-processed image is identical to its "raw scan" version and the color depth is also 16 bits per color channel.

Packaged Offers

These flat rate offers, whether scanning only or combined with post-processing, allow you to group a small amount of photographic films of different formats on a single purchasing line.

DescriptionPrice VAT excl.
SPACK-FULL-20 Flat rate offer "Full Pack"
  • Raw Scanning and Post-Processing of 20 photographic snapshots on filmstrips
  • All film and image formats accepted within the technical limit of the possibilities presented in the "Raw Scanning" table
  • All emulsions accepted, Colour or Black and White, Invertible or Negative
  • The restrictions on film packaging set out in the "Raw Scanning" offer apply
80.00 €
SPACK-RAW-20 Flat rate offer "Raw-Scan Pack"
  • Raw Scanning of 20 photographic snapshots on filmstrips
  • All film and image formats accepted within the technical limit of the possibilities presented in the "Raw Scanning" table
  • All emulsions accepted, Colour or Black and White, Invertible or Negative
  • The restrictions on film packaging set out in the "Raw Scanning" offer apply
50.00 €

Completion time

The files resulting from the services ordered by the Client from the LABFORSCAN online store will be provided within a period that may typically vary from 1 to 4 weeks for a low volume order, that is for an order whose overall amount of images to be scanned is less than or equal to 5000 (five thousand). We will endeavor not to exceed a maximum of 30 days, but the deadline may depend on seasonal factors or other variations in our workload and, if applicable, on a scheduling agreement with the customer. This period starts from the full receipt of the documents to be scanned in our premises and the final confirmation of the date of the Customer's order, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Orders for scanning over 5000 (five thousand) images are considered high-volume orders. When such a command is engaged from our online store, and without other contradictory information, the supply of the files resulting from the scanning is staggered in time.Each step corresponds to a slice of the volume of images to be digitized. In this case, the amplitude of delivery times of the deliverable files depends on and increases with the volume of the order. By default, from the date of final validation of the order, the staggering of deliveries for a high-volume order will be established as follows:

  • The first slice of 5000 (five thousand) images to be scanned will be provided within 4 weeks
  • Each additional slice of 10000 (ten thousand) images to be scanned will be provided within an additional six weeks from the date of delivery of the previous slice.
  • The last slice will be provided within an additional 3 weeks from the delivery date of the previous slice if this one does not contain more than 5000 images to scan. Otherwise this last additional time will also be increased to 6 weeks.


  • an order placed online for scanning up to 5000 images, will be delivered no later than 4 weeks, starting from the date of final validation of the order and the availability of documents to be scanned in our premises.
  • an order placed online for the digitization of 18000 images will be delivered in several deadlines; the first slice (5000 scans) under 4 weeks, the second (10000 scans) under 10 weeks and the remainder (3000 scans) under 13 weeks, starting from the date of final validation of the order and the availability of the documents to be scanned in our premises.

Supply of deliverable files

Means of storage and supplyUnit Price VAT excl.
Local storage on removable memory media
- Provision of a USB key or an external hard disk
Free (included)
External storage on secure content server
- Provision of authentication codes and download link
Free (included)


The means of supply for the deliverable files are given as an indication. They are likely to evolve over time. Of these, only one will be effective and will be determined by LabForScan based in particular on the overall amount of memory required for all files.

Temporary backup of deliverable files

By default, LABFORSCAN maintains a free backup of the deliverable files during the 4 weeks following the delivery of a service. Physically, this accommodation can be realized either on our premises or externally with a hosting provider of secure content. After this time, the client files will be systematically destroyed.

Shipping of the parcel(s) containing the films

During the process of placing the order online, at the step "Delivery", the Customer will be asked to choose who will be the buyer of transport services for the shipment "go" and for the "return" of the package. We offer the following formulas:

  • Control by the sender
  • Full Control by the Client
  • Full Control by LABFORSCAN

The descriptive details of each formula are also accessible via pop-ups during the "Delivery" step of the online ordering process.

ChoiceDirectionPurchaser of the
shipping service
Price VAT excl.
Client address in FranceClient address outside France
"Control by the sender" Inward delivery
Client 8.00 € 20.00 €
Outward delivery
"Full Control by the Client" Inward delivery
Client No additional cost No additional cost
Outward delivery
"Full Control by LABFORSCAN" Inward delivery
LABFORSCAN 16.00 € 40.00 €
Outward delivery

Delivery service(s) purchased by LABFORSCAN

In the case where the choice made implies that at least one of the transport orders ("inward" and or "outward") is the responsibility of LABFORSCAN, an additional fixed cost is then applied to cover the transport order(s) that we will then have to commit ourselves. Our company is based in France. Local shipments being less expensive, we offer 2 rates, depending on the delivery address of the Customer. To centralize our transport orders we pass them to BOXTAL, one of the largest aggregators of freight services.

Whether the transport "inward" or "outward", we retain a choice that corresponds to an economic rate for a package weighing less than 5kg. In both directions, the parcel will be collected, or made available, in a relay or at the post office.

We draw your attention to the fact that only the carrier's basic insuranceAttention: international conventions are generally very favorable to carriers, because their responsibility is based on the weight of the goods conveyed. We strongly advise our Customers to order directly the transport services in order to include an Ad-Valorem insurance allowing to cover their goods for the market value that they estimate. is effective.

Delivery service(s) purchased directly by the Customer

We advise you to place your shipping orders with an aggregator of delivery services, such as BOXTAL. You will have access to a wide range of offers while enjoying competitive rates. The comparator will allow you to:

  • choose your shipping company (Mondial Relay, Relais Colis, Chronopost, FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, etc.)
  • select the delivery time
  • choose the method of collection and or the method of deposit (home, relay or post-office)
  • plan at your convenience the collection and / or deposit if this is to be done at your home
  • add an optional Ad-Valorem insurance to cover the market value you want to report for your property
  • split your shipments if needed

A URL will allow you to track the evolution of the parcel at the site of the actual carrier. In addition, to lighten the "outbound" shipping invoice, you can schedule to deliver the parcel in a relay (or at the post office), this does not bother us.

Countries served

The following member States of the Euro Area:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France (metropolitan)
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands (except the islands corresponding to the former Netherlands Antilles)
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain

Payment terms

Payment can be made as follows:

  • Payment by credit card
    Effective only when the order does not exceed 1500 euros. Payment data is exchanged in encrypted mode using the SSL protocol defined by the authorized payment service provider (MONEXT company, Payline service) for banking transactions carried out on our Site. We guarantee the total confidentiality of your bank details. LABFORSCAN can not obtain information about your credit card. Note that the bank transaction service is also certified PCI-DSS and 3D Secure for its authentication method. This implies that the Customer will have to bring his mobile phone to collect the authentication code that will be sent to him by the bank and must enter it in the authentication form of the web page that will be presented by the transaction service of the banking network.
  • Payment by bank transfer
    Effective for any amount. The bank account details of LABFORSCAN are communicated to the Customer during the last step of the ordering process.

The price is payable by the Customer, in full on the day of placing the order.

VAT applicable to European exchanges

B2C Services

Services provided to individuals (not subject to VAT) are taxed at the provider's country. French VAT, at the standard rate of 20% is therefore applicable for individual customers, whether they reside in France or in another country of the European Union. It is collected by the provider, that is to say by LABFORSCAN.

B2B Services

Business services are taxed at the country where the customer is established. The European customer established outside France, subject to VAT, shall account for VAT according to the reverse charge mechanism.

To do this, the customer must register their VAT number during the early "Addresses" step of checkout process.

The registered VAT number is then automatically checked by our system which will allow to establish an invoice Excluding VAT if this number is valid. In practice, the invoice concerned will include detailed VAT fields with a rate automatically set to 0%. We remind you that, in this situation, the customer will be in charge of self-handling VAT in his own State based on the invoice price.

If the VAT number has not been provided by the Customer, or if the verification has failed, the invoices will be automatically established based on the applicable VAT rate in his country. In this particular case, our system will have automatically determined the rate that must apply depending on the billing address that has been previously entered by the Customer.

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