The applicability of the right of withdrawal depends on the nature of the goods sold, three cases are to be considered:

  • Immaterial goods sold by LABFORSCAN
    Given the nature of the services we sell, namely scanning of specific documents to the Customer and processing performed on the digital files obtained, the products of our services, that is to say the resulting files , are immaterial goods clearly personalized for the Customer. With regard to the Code of Consumption (articles L221-28.3°), the right of withdrawal does not apply to this type of service delivery when it has been executed.
  • Personalized material goods sold by LABFORSCAN
    Files resulting from services performed by LABFORSCAN can be returned to the client via a physical memory medium, such as a USB key, a computer hard disk, or any other hardware component. To do this, these memory components used will have been undone from their original packaging by LABFORSCAN who, in addition, will have connected them to a computer, will eventually have formatted them, and finally will have saved the files for the Client. As a result, the physical memory components used for this purpose will have lost their status as new standard equipment. If they have been sold to the customer, they must be considered as material goods that are personalized to him and according to the Code of Consumption (articles L221-28.3), the right of withdrawal does not apply either to this type of product either.
  • Standard material goods sold by LABFORSCAN
    Although the sale of new standard product, free from any manipulation or transformation, is not currently available on our online store, LABFORSCAN provides for this possibility in the short term. When this is the case, the sale of these new standard products will be subject to the current rules of the Code of Consumption, particularly in terms of warranty and withdrawal. The right of withdrawal will apply to this category of material products.