State-of-the-art equipment

We scan on Hasselblad Flextight X5, the best photographic film scanner in its class. Equipped with exceptional optical sharpness and unparalleled dynamic range, it produces images that are rich in details and precise in color.

Maximum quality at the cheapest possible prices

At minimum, you will receive deliberately unprocessed scans, that is to say, raw scans rich in details, the faithful digital versions of the images lying on your photographic film.

This will give you a healthy base from which to begin your post-processing sessions and give free rein to your creativity without loss of quality. This choice allows us to offer you the best value possible for scanning on high-end equipment, an essential criterion when it comes to scanning a collection of photographic films for which the post-processing decision must be postponed.

As an option, we also propose to include manual colorimetric post-processing to our scanning service, for a turnkey solution.

ON-LINE offer

Our On-Line offer is based on a raw scanning service of photographic films.

This service can be supplemented as an option with post-processing which aims to compensate for the color profile of the film.

OFF-Line Offer

We also respond to specific requests that can not be covered by our online sales system or whose constraints imposed by the system do not match the expectations of our prospects.

Various complementary technical services can be supported, depending on requirements specification.

As an indication, here are some examples:

  • editing various descriptive fields in metadata
  • editing IPTC tags for database indexing
  • encapsulation of thumbnail(s) whose characteristics are predefined
  • preparation of differentiated final renderings (for web consultation, HD download, printing ...)
  • conversion of raw or final render files in a format suitable for mass archiving, eg JPEG-2000
  • etc...

The planning of our services, the conditions of financing, the securing of the archives, and more generally any specific requirement can be studied within the context of Off-Line projects.